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These resources have been developed and revised over a number of years by a team of staff at the Institute of Education together with teachers in our project schools. We are very grateful for their help and support and to other colleagues who have been rechecking and revising our range of resources. These include:


Sara Burghes, Louis Burghes, Barry Copeland, Neville Davies, Ted Graham, Liz Holland,

Andrew Russell, Oliver Sani, Gabor Szalontai, Tibor Szalontai as well as the staff listed below.


We are delighted to hear from users of these resources and we are providing links below to experts for the different sections for any specific queries:


Reception:                     Carly-Ann Rose (Mayflower Academy Primary School)


Key Stage 1 and 2:      Helen Jennings (Mayflower Academy Primary School)


Key Stage 3:                  Naomi Sani (CIMT at University of Plymouth)


GCSE:                               Russell Geach (CIMT at University of Plymouth)

Functional Skills:       Andrew Russell (Carlisle College)


A-Level:                         Jamie Stowman (Sum:Up at University of Plymouth)


Core Maths:                 Derek Robinson (Bishop Luffa School, Chichester)



For other queries, please contact:


Project Director        David Burghes (Institute for Education, University of Plymouth)



Finally, we are grateful to Joe who has designed and developed this website at speed while being locked down next door to the Project Director!

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